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Cuba: Island is experiencing a nationwide blackout

Traffic moves slowly on I-4 East as residents evacuate the Gulf Coast of Florida in advance of the arrival of Hurricane Ian on Tuesday, September 27, in Four Corners, Florida. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

A Florida emergency management official is urging people in Hurricane Ian’s path to “evacuate now,” warning that several issues — including inaccessible bridges — could make leaving some areas impossible in as little as a few hours.

The main concern is flooding, said Kevin Guthrie, the director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management, noting that some areas could be “under water” by tomorrow morning.

“Evacuate now. They may not be able to help you come morning time,” he told CNN on Tuesday.

According to the most recent forecast from the National Hurricane Center, the very powerful storm is on track to hit Florida on Wednesday, bringing high winds, rain and storm surges as high as several feet in some places.

More than 2.5 million people are under some sort of an evacuation order late Tuesday.

And if residents don’t depart shortly, they also may be an issue at the bridges.

“Here in the state of Florida, when we get our bridges to a point where we have 40-mile-an-hour sustained winds of one minute or more, then we shut those bridges down,” he said.

While he said most of those bridges will leave outgoing lanes of traffic open, Guthrie still reiterated that the time for people to leave is “now.”

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