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‘He said Brexit would REMOVE VAT!’ Susanna Reid launches Twitter attack on Gove after vow | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV


However, some of her followers also seemed frustrated that it appeared Gove was unable to fully answer Susanna’s questions without interruption.

@BcfcDavid wrote: “During the whole 1 min 6 seconds of this video, there were only 13 seconds where you didn’t speak or talk over him. Seriously, what’s the point? Hold ministers to account but let us listen to what they have to say.”(sic)

@zx_spectrum_30 remarked: “Whilst removing VAT for everyone would be lovely, the tax just gets raised somewhere else so I would like the rich to carry on paying it, but have some means of removing/rebating/supporting those that really need it. “

@JesteR6_sd commented: “Two things, when you ask a question let the other person answer even if you don’t like where it’s going and secondly STOP INTERRUPTING.”

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