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‘Humbled’ Deborah James ‘in tears’ over damehood as she admits she’s getting ‘more sleepy’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV


“£4 Million!!! I can simply only give thanks for the wonderful people in the world and say the most heartfelt thank you for your unconditional support not just now but over the years,” she continued.

Deborah went on to admit that she was growing tired, but that she was heartened by the “live-saving” chats her campaigning has helped encourage over the years.

“As I’m getting more and more sleepy and finding life a little harder, I’ve had more time to think that I’ve never stopped to realise the impact that our podcasting, and talking, and campaigning has had over 5 years,” she wrote.

“Small chats really can save lives, small conversations can create ripples far beyond where we might see them, and seeds might grow where we never see their fruits.

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