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‘It’s a disgrace’ Claudia Winkleman says she looks ‘like a Shar Pei’ under iconic fringe | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV


Strictly Come Dancing presenter Claudia Winkleman recommended women her age get a fringe during an exclusive interview with, joking that she actually resembled “a Shar Pei”. The star detailed her thoughts on beauty and skincare after teaming up with co-star Tess Daly, 53, in a partnership with Boots UK.

Claudia, 50, gave an insight into her thoughts on pressures women face to keep up with certain beauty standards as they age.

During the interview, the Strictly star was asked whether there is a pressure for women in the spotlight to look much younger than they are.

She replied: “I mean, I’d love to say no, but people probably do feel like they need to look young.

“I mean, my best piece of advice is to get an oversized and very heavy and slightly too long fringe.

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“Because underneath here, it’s a disgrace,” she added, gesturing to her fringe.

“I don’t know if you’re aware of the dog, the Shar Pei? That’s what’s going on.”

Claudia then went on to share some positive news about her experience of the showbiz world.

“I hope – I mean, maybe I’m just being optimistic – but I hope that pressure is lessening,” she reflected.

Sharing her thoughts on the subject, Claudia responded: “I definitely don’t feel that. I feel like I could absolutely crumple at this stage, but I don’t feel pressure.

“I mean, I’d like my hair to be shiny, but we know that there is one company that deals with that,” she added.

Claudia has paired up with Strictly co-presenter Tess to promote Boots No7 Pro Derm Scan – a new diagnostic service that aims to give customers accurate skincare and cosmetic recommendations based on an up-close scan of their skin.

Speaking about the futuristic scanning process, Claudia shared her results.

“I thought it was gonna hurt and it didn’t – and it was really quick,” she revealed excitedly.

“They said I needed moisturiser, but they were quite pleased with me! I got lots of greens, which I remember being pleased about.”

Claudia Winkleman is partnering with No7 to celebrate the launch of Pro Derm Scan, an in-store personalised consultation service with a No7 Beauty Advisor to help you see and understand your skin. 

Available now in selected Boots stores.

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