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James Martin urged to ‘take care’ after sharing video of beloved motorbike leaking fuel | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV


James Martin, 49, has been urged by his fans to “take care” after he posted a video of one of his motorbikes appearing to leak fuel to social media last week. The Saturday Morning with James Martin chef took to Instagram to share a video of his beloved motorbike leaking fuel on his way to work, alarming many of his followers.

James took to Instagram last weekend to share the short video in view of his 690,000 followers.

He also shared the same video on Twitter in view of a further 717,500 followers.

James captioned the post: “Well, I tried to get to work and it didn’t end well…”

Many social media users rushed to the post’s comments to weigh in on the alarming video.

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Lynn.banks6 said: “Ooops! It’s telling you to have a rest James xx.” (sic)

AlisonR16589260 added: “God! You were so lucky!”

Fraserbishbosh commented: “Just get something sensible and that is very unlikely to happen! hahaha!” (sic)

JulesPark62 further expressed concern: “Oh no James! This is not looking good (or safe). Hope you get it sorted soon x.”

Jacquelinegrnws commented: “So bad for your BMW.. but how about the food. For sure someone can give you a ride, take care…” (sic)

James, who opened up about their break-up in 2008, confessed that the worlds they came from were just too different.

While James enjoyed plenty of gifts from Barabra over the years, he described how her generosity was eventually the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Barbara, who has an estimated net worth of $400 million, had showered him with some incredible presents – including three genuine Picassos.

But when she tried to buy James an £180,000 Aston Martin DBS with the chassis number 007, it all became too much for the British TV chef.

He said: “It wasn’t as if it was my birthday or Christmas – it was just a spur of the moment thought.

“In the end I said, ‘If I want something, I’ll work for it. Just drop it or we’re going to fall out over this’.

“It was a defining moment in our relationship. Deep down, I knew there was always going to be an imbalance”, he penned in his MailOnline piece.

James Martin’s Saturday Morning begins at 9:25am today on ITV.

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