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Police have not determined a motive

Paul Pelosi was interviewed this weekend at the hospital by investigators and was able to provide details of the attack, two law enforcement sources and a source familiar with the matter told CNN. Among those conducting the interview were FBI and local law enforcement investigators.

San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott declined to share any details of his department’s interview with Pelosi, citing a desire not to jeopardize the investigation in any way.

SFPD investigators said they also interviewed the suspect, David DePape, “at least once” since the altercation.

Scott pushed back on conspiracy theories churning around the brutal attack, calling them “baseless” and “fact-less.”

“Obviously there’s a political undertone to this,” Scott acknowledged, adding that the wild theories surrounding the attack are “damaging.”

“There is absolutely no evidence that Paul Pelosi knew this man. Matter of fact, the evidence indicates the exact opposite,” said Chief Scott. “I will be clear on this. There is absolutely no evidence of that at all,” he added.

“We need some civility here,” Scott declared, calling for more appropriate public discourse.

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